In Germany


The home of the“Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch” (Rhineland Studbook) is the horse centre at Wickrath’s Castle..  Theodor Leuchten is in the chair and Martin Spoo handles the affairs of the breed association as manager. The Rhineland Studbook in Germany has approximately 4500 members, and 7000.


In the US


The American Rhineland Studbook (ARS) is managed as a separate and distinct Studbook by the American Hanoverian Society.  The ARS has adopted and implemented the breeding rules for its Rhineland Studbook similar to those in place for the Rhineland Studbook in Germany. In addition to implementing the Rhineland Studbook, the AHS will provide membership services, including combined inspection tours, for both the Hanoverian Studbook and the Rhineland Studbook beginning in 2016.



"Lord Loxley (Lord Sinclair/Weltmeyer) Photo: Courtesy of the RV

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