The American Rhineland Society Year-End Awards Program is designed to reward Rhineland horses and their owners and breeders competing in sport.  ARS Participates in the the USDF All-Breed Awards Program, Open and the Adult Amateur divisions, first to third place.  Awards are offered in conjunction with the AHS Awards Program for achievements in Breed Shows, Hunters and Jumpers; Dressage; and Eventing. 



To be eligible for ARS year-end awards, horses and owners must meet certain eligibility criteria including:

  • The owner must be current member of the American Hanoverian Society, Inc. 

  • The horse must be registered with the American Rhineland Society (ARS); or

  • hold registration papers from the German Rhineland Verband, and have been recorded with the American Rhineland Studbook; or

  • hold an ARS Certificate of Pedigree issued by the American Hanoverian Society, Inc. (administrator of the American Rhineland Studbook).


Additional eligibility criteria may also apply.  Please refer to the 2019 awards eligibility criteria , or contact the AHS/ ARS office at 859/ 255-4141.


Please note:  Horses holding an ARS Certificate of Pedigree (CP) are eligible ONLY for year-end awards in performance (i.e., Dressage; Eventing; and Hunters and Jumpers).  CP horses are NOT eligible for ARS year-end awards in Sport Horse Breeding.

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