In the interest of keeping everyone safe during these difficult days, The AHS Board of Directors has decided to move the early July inspections to later in the year. The rescheduled dates are below. They are still subject to change with the rolling directions from health officials and government, so we will update this page as quickly as possible.

In addition, Board members understand that requirements must be adjusted this year to help our members navigate these upended times. They realize that flexibility and understanding are today’s buzz words as so much about public gatherings and sports have yet to be determined. With that in mind, the Board outlined several ways to accomplish your registration and inspection goals:

  1. Video inspections for mares are now available for those who cannot get to an inspection site. There are some rules and guidelines that will help ensure your video includes all the necessary components.

  2. Foals can be registered online or by mail. Although this has always been true, from now until September 1, 2020, you can save $50 on all foal registrations. You can find the registration form below.

  3. Join us for any of the inspections listed in the tour schedule or sign up for a private inspection (some restrictions apply; please call the office for details). COVID-19 precautions are implemented at site host discretion so may vary from site to site. Check the site form or contact the host for specifics. Masks and social distancing will be the minimum requirements but others may apply.

  4. If you have already bred your uninspected Hanoverian-papered mare to an AHS- or HV-approved stallion and can’t get to an inspection this year (2020), the Board has determined that the foal can be papered without having the mare inspected.  The mare will have to be inspected for subsequent foals to be papered.


“Normal” is no longer part of our daily vocabulary so we are working hard to make sure your needs are still met. If, however, we have not addressed an issue important to you, please don’t hesitate to call the office.




July 11                        Postmarked by June 10, 2020

July 25 – 28                Postmarked by June 24, 2020

August 15                   Postmarked by July 15, 2020

August 28 - 31           Postmarked by  July 29, 2020

September 13 - 21   Postmarked by August 5, 2020

Sept 26 - Oct 16        Postmarked by August 26, 2020

October 28 - Nov 1   Postmarked by August 30, 2020


Entries received bu the Enrollment Deadlines will be awarded a $50 discount

Stabling Form MUST be returned to Site Host (Not the AHS Office)

For general information, visit 2020 Inspection Tour General Information and Forms.


AUGUST 2020 (Enrollment deadline: See above)


August 15   

MPT, Mares, Foals Futurity 

KD Sport Horses - Watertown, WI

Rebecca Lewison  (608) 286-5553          Site Info


August 28

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Red Fern Ranch - Platte City, MO

Elizabeth & Chris Pruyser  (816) 812-4323


August 29

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Mill Creek Equestrian - New Carlisle, OH

Nicole Taylor   (937) 206-5602    Site Info


August 31

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Fox Lair Sport Horses - White Plains, MD

Meghan Palensky   (240) 320-2784      Site Info


SEPTEMBER 2020 (Enrollment deadline: See above)


September 13

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Woodbrook Stables - Lakewood, WA

Ashlie Miller Racette   (253) 230-7319      Site Info


September 14

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Rainbow Equus Meadows - Lincoln, CA

Susan Worthington   (916) 203-1821 or (916) 645-1471     Site Info

September 14

Stallions, MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Eurequine @ Woodland Stallion Station - Woodland, CA

Edgar Schutte   (916) 203-2247     Site Info

September 15

Stallions, MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Christiane Noelting Dressage Center Inc. - Vacaville, CA

Christiane Noelting   (707) 454-0565

September 17

Stallions, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Peridot Equestrian, LLC - San Marcos, CA

Jessica Matthews   (206) 465-5334     Site Info

September 18

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Barcelona Farms - San Diego, CA

Carlos and Gabriella Fernandez   (832) 331-5582

September 26

Stallions, MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Hillock Dressage Horses -Calera, Al

Lisa Thompson Smith   (205) 529-6410

September 27

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Prosperity Farms - Williston, FL

Andrea Hayden   (352) 226-4017

OCTOBER 2020 (Enrollment deadline: See above)

October 1

Stallions, MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Iron Horse Farm @ Spy Coast Farm - Lexington, KY

Holly and Dave Kovach   (419) 787-8126


October 2

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Brookside Equestrian Center - North Smithfield, RI

Lyn Spinella   (401) 766-5400


October 3

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Avalon Farm - Old Salem, NY

Anke Ott-Young   (516) 742-3404


October 3

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Blackwatch Stables - Danielsville, GA

Kate Dressel   (203) 376-8419     Site Info


October 5 (Afternoon)

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Horizon Farms - Magnolia, TX

Mikelle Vulgamolt Crouch   (713) 628-9611     Site Info


October 6

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Bona B Ranch - Eustace, TX

Nanni Baker   (210) 240-0378     Site Info


October 7

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Valley View Farm - Stillwater, OK

Robin Hessel   (405) 747-7121

October 8

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Hardenberg Farms - Bend, OR

Diane Nauman   (541) 619-7943     Site Info


October 9

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

Mittleider Eventing - Kuna, ID

Becky Klaus    (208) 514-9231     Site Info


October 10

MPT, Mares, Stallions

Silverhorne Sporthorse LLC - Rancho Cordova, CA

Barb Gualco   (916) 952-4100


October 11

Mares, Foals, Futurity

Starr Vaughn - Elk Grove, CA

Michelle Vaughn   (916) 869-7942



October 12

MPT, Mares, Foals, Futurity

MAHB @ Morven Park - Leesburg, VA

Dennis Moore   (202) 494-7555     Site Info


October 16

Mares, Foals, Futurity, MPT

Milton-Freewater, OR

Jessica Wisdom   (253) 230-9764