2020 Online AHS/ARS Inspection and Foal Registration Form page.
Convenient online registration for all types of tour entries and foal registrations is now available.

  • Stabling forms and payment must be sent directly to the site host. Please see the "Stabling" section below for link. If you prefer to print and mail your entries, please use the pdf forms provided at each section below.

  • Note: The Inspection Enrollment forms are used to initiate all 2020 foal registrations for foals attending an inspection. For foals which are to be registered by mail, please use the "Foal Registration by Mail" form online or at the pdf link below. Registration papers will be issued when all requirements are completed.

  • Due to the contractual agreement between the AHS and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), foal owners are hereby advised that in order to obtain complimentary USEF lifetime recording as part of the AHS’s comprehensive $320.00 registration fee, all registration requirements must be delivered to the AHS central office by December 31 of their year of birth.

2020 AHS/ARS Foal Registration by Mail 

(Hanoverian/Rhineland) (For 2020/19 foals not attending an inspection)



2020 Online AHS/ARS Inspection Form .

Convenient online registration for all types of tour entries and foal registrations is now available 

2020 AHS/ARS Inspection Enrollment Form - (Hanoverian/Rhineland)

Complete and mail or fax to AHS Office
All horses must be pre-enrolled and all fees must be paid in advance as entries are not taken on inspection day. The deadlines have been set a little earlier this year in order to permit the central office staff to process entries in a timely manner.  This year there are five deadlines for mare and foal entries without incurring a $50.00 late fee. Entries must be postmarked as noted above.


Please note that all non-Hanoverian warmblood mare pedigrees must be submitted to the AHS Central Office for pre-approval. Copies of registration papers may be emailed to the office at or faxed to (859) 255-8467. When faxing, be certain to include a contact number so we may call you with an answer regarding your mares eligibility.


Stallion Entries

2020 AHS/ARS Stallion Entry Form

Stallion pedigrees MUST have been pre-approved by the AHS and the German Verband. Please contact the AHS office at (859) 255-4141 for addition information, including x-ray requirements.


Futurity Entries

2020 AHS/ARS Yearling/Two-Year-Old Futurity Enrollment Form

Complete and mail or fax to AHS Office. Registration is open to all AHS-registered yearling colts and fillies and two-year-old colts and fillies. The cost is $45 to participate. Horses will be judged using a scale from 1-100 on conformation/type, movement and legs. $3,000 will be shared by the top five yearlings and top five two-year-olds at the conclusion of the inspection tour.



2020 Inspection/Stabling Registration for the Site Host 

Stabling forms and payment must be sent directly to the site host. DO NOT send stabling forms or payment to the AHS Office.



For those of you who can’t get your mare to an inspection site, the AHS has you covered. Video inspections are now available for both Hanoverian and non-Hanoverian mares. It’s a simple 4-step process:


Step 1 – Watch a sample video


Step 2 – Make a video of your mare


Step 3 – Sign up/pay on AHS website, scroll to “Add a Mare for Inspection and/orMPT” and choose “video inspection” on the next page. Fill out the rest of the form.


Step 4 – Within four business days, you will receive an email from the AHS office with a link to upload your video to the AHS YouTube Channel.


Your score will be sent via email shortly thereafter. For all the rules and guidelines, visit the AHS website at