We are pleased to bring you the following calendar to assist you in planning for your 2019 ARS/AHS inspection tour events. The AHS reserves the right to make scheduling changes if necessary.                                       


Inspection Enrollment Deadlines

July Site Dates                                                   Postmarked by Monday, June 3rd

August Site Dates                                              Postmarked by Monday, July 29th

September Site Dates                                       Postmarked by Monday, August 5th

October Site Dates                                             Postmarked by Monday, August 26th

**STALLION ENTRIES** Stallion entries are due by Friday, August 30th


                                                       Late Entries will incur a $50 fee.

                          Stabling Form MUST be returned to Site Host (Not the AHS Office)

                            2019 Inspection Tour Enrollment and Foal Registration Information


The Inspection Enrollment forms are used to initiate all 2019 foal registrations for foals attending an inspection. For foals which are to be registered by mail, please use the "Foal Registration by Mail" form below. Registration papers will be issued when all requirements are completed.

• Due to the contractual agreement between the AHS and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), foal owners are hereby advised that in order to obtain complimentary USEF lifetime recording as part of the AHS’s comprehensive $225.00 registration fee, all registration requirements must be delivered to the AHS central office by December 31 of their year of birth.


Enrollment Information and Instructions:


Membership2019 Membership Form:  You must be a current Active Member of the AHS to present horses at inspection or to register foals.  If you are a current Associate or Junior Member, you must upgrade to Active Membership status.


ARS Foals Registering by Mail - 2019 ARS Foal Registration by Mail Form

Inspection Enrollment and FormsAll horses must be pre-enrolled and all fees must be paid in advance.  Entries are NOT taken on inspection day.  All entries must be made using the applicable inspection tour, stallion or futurity enrollment form.  The deadlines have been set a little earlier this year in order to permit the central office staff to process entries in a timely manner.  This year there are four deadlines for mare and foal entries without incurring a $50.00 late fee. Entries must be postmarked as noted above. Enrollment forms must be completed and submitted with payment to the AHS office by mail, email or fax.

Please see the sections below, Mare Inspection Information and Instructions and Foal Registration, Presentation and Branding, for additional information and instructions.

Please see the section below, Stallion Inspection Information and Instructions, for additional information and instructions.

Entry is open to all AHS/ARS-registered yearling colts and fillies and two-year-old colts and fillies. Entry fee is $29 or $39 if you wish to list your yearling or two-year-old for sale. Entries will be judged using a scale from 1 – 100 on conformation/type, movement, and legs.  Prize money of $3,000 will be split among the top five yearlings and top five two-year-olds at the conclusion of the inspection tour.


Stabling – 2019 Stabling Form:  

You must complete and return a Stabling Form to the host of the Inspection Site that you have chosen to attend, even if you are trailering in for the day.  If you are requesting stabling, the Stabling Form and applicable payment should be sent directly to the Inspection Site host.  Please DO NOT send Stabling Forms or stabling payments to the AHS office.  Please consult your site information as to whether stabling fees are due in advance or at the time of your arrival.

Participant Liability Waivers – Signed participant liability waivers are required for all participants and will be available at each inspection site.  You do not need to submit one to the AHS office prior to the event.

Cancellations/Refunds: Every cancellation will receive a refund in full less a $50.00 per horse withdrawal fee


Mare Inspection Information and Instructions:

  • A COPY of the registration certificate of each mare enrolled for inspection must be submitted with the enrollment form.  Entries that lack this documentation may be delayed.

  • All non-Rhineland mares MUST have their pedigrees pre-approved by the AHS/ARS Mare and Stallion Committee PRIOR TO INSPECTION.  Copies of registration papers may be submitted to the AHS office by email to  ahsoffice@hanoverian.org  or by fax to (859) 255-8467 (When faxing, please include a contact phone number).  Owners of such mares will be promptly advised as to the mare’s inspection eligibility with the AHS/ARS. 

  • Registered Thoroughbred, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian mare are automatically eligible for inspection; their owners must provide a copy of the mare’s registration certificate when enrolling.


  • The owners of mares that pass inspection and/or the MPT will be issued stickers, stamped and signed by the AHS/ARS, to be affixed to the mares’ original papers.  The stickers will be accompanied by the mares’ scores printed on parchment certificates.

Stallion Inspection Information and Instructions:

  • The deadline to enroll an eligible stallion prospect for the 2019 AHS/ARS stallion licensings is Friday, August 30, 2019

  • Stallions must be at least three years of age (i.e., in their fourth year) to be eligible for inspection.

  • Every stallion enrolled for inspection MUST be pre-approved on pedigree by the AHS/ARS Mare and Stallion Committee and the German Verband. 

  • The licensing requirements vary according to the horse’s age and breed (i.e., whether Hanoverian or registered with another population).

  • All stallions aged three through six are required to be shown in hand, free jumped and ridden under saddle.

  • Stallions aged seven or older may be presented only if they have already met ARS performance requirements.

  • Stallions enrolled for inspection are subject to x-ray requirements, modeled after the protocol used by the German HV.  A specific set of x-rays is required which is evaluated by Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY.  A stallion must receive a satisfactory grading in order to advance to the licensing. 

  • Owners of stallion prospects are requested to contact AHS Executive Director Joanne Hodges at (859) 255-4141 directly in order to obtain full information on the stallion licensing requirements and process.

Informal Evaluations of Stallion Prospects:

In response to membership requests, ARS permits owners of stallion prospects to present such horses for informal evaluation at inspection sites where a stallion judge is present.  There is no charge for this service, such informal evaluations are not binding, and the site host has the discretion to determine whether to permit such a colt/stallion onto his/her property.  Any member wishing to avail himself/herself of this service will need to call the central office to ascertain whether a stallion judge will be present at any particular site.

Foal Registration, Presentation and Branding:

  • All foals MUST be registered by the end of their yearling year.

  • Foals by approved stallions, and out of dams entered into the ARS studbook may be registered by mail; inspection attendance is optional.

  • Foal registration papers will be issued when all registration requirements are completed.

  • The foal registration fee includes a complimentary lifetime United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) recording.  Please note that, in order to obtain the complimentary USEF lifetime recording, foal owners must deliver all registration requirements to the AHS office by December 31 of the foal’s weanling year.

Foal Presentation and Branding:  Foals will be presented for the inspectors to give an informal evaluation of each animal.  A copy of the dam’s registration papers must be available at the site for the inspectors to verify the dam’s identity.  Optional hip branding of the foals is usually the last activity of the day.  Most sites will hold a foal class, and exceptional foals will be awarded the Gold Medal Foal plaque  Please note that the AHS/ARS does not officially grade foals on a numerical score.

DNA Tail Root Kits for Parentage Verification:

Foals out of previously inspected mares: All foals must be parentage verified through DNA typing before the registration certificate is issued.  A DNA tail/main root kit is included as part of comprehensive foal registration fee.  A kit will be sent to you upon receipt of your initial enrollment and fees for the inspection.  Read the instructions before pulling the hair.  Do not cut the hair; make sure that the hair sample includes the roots.  Hair samples can be taken as soon as the kit is received.  The foal does not have to be a specific age.

If the dam of the foal has not been previously DNA typed, she must be DNA typed as well.  You should order a kit for the mare at the time you sign up for the inspection with your foal, so that both kits can be sent to you at once. 

All foals awaiting DNA parentage verification may participate in the registration/branding process at the inspection site, provided the foal is still at the dam’s side.  Do not delay in submitting the hair samples to UC-Davis, as weaned foals can be branded if their parentage verification through DNA has been completed (i.e., results from UC-Davis are on file at the AHS office).  In the case of weaned foals, AHS will require that a photograph of the foal with its dam be available at the inspection site.

Foals out of mares being inspected in the current year:  As above, all foals whose dams are accepted into the AHS/ARS studbooks must be DNA typed for parentage verification before the registration papers will be issued.  A DNA tail/mane root kit will be sent to you upon the conclusion of the inspection tour, provided the dam has been accepted.  If the dam of the foal has not previously been DNA typed through the AHS or another breed registry, she must be DNA typed as well.  You will be notified after the inspection tour if your mare needs to be DNA typed.  (Note: Thoroughbred mares that have not been DNA typed thorough The Jockey Club must be DNA typed by the AHS/ARS.)  Weaned foals may be presented at inspection, provided that they have passed parentage verification and that photographs clearly showing the foal and dam together are available.  Foals out of mares that are not accepted may be eligible for a Certificate of Pedigree (COP) from the ARS.  Parentage verification through DNA typing is not required for Certificate of Pedigree foals unless the foal was conceived using the frozen semen of a foreign (i.e. RV-approved) Rhineland stallion.           

Foal Registration Application and Required Documents:  Upon the AHS office’s receipt of the enrollment form and appropriate fees, the actual foal registration application will be emailed or mailed to you along with other relevant material.  Email or mail the completed application directly to the AHS office; it is no longer a requirement to have this documentation at the inspection site.  (In the case of early born foals whose owners may have already submitted the completed registration application to the AHS office, proof of the foal’s papers will be sent to the inspection site by the AHS office.)  The AHS/ARS will require the original Abfohlmeldung for foals conceived in Germany and imported en utero.

Foal Photographs:  The ARS requires a minimum of four color photographs, taken outdoors in good light, for every foal as part of the registration process.  This helps ensure accuracy on the registration certificate.  You must provide four views of the foal: front, rear, right side, and left side.  The photographs should clearly show the white markings of the horse.  If the horse has unusual white markings (e.g., on the face or belly spot), it would be helpful to provide additional photos.  Photos may be emailed directly to the AHS office; prints are optional, not required.  Photos submitted online MUST BE CLEARLY labeled with the year and name of dam, be of good quality and accurately reflect the color of the foal.

General Information:

Standard Order of Go - In order to make the best use of the inspection commission’s time, inspection sites will follow a Standard Order of Go. The only exceptions will be the stallion licensing sites. Following is the Standard Order of Go:

  • Registration

  • Free Jumping portion of the Mare Performance Test.  During the free jumping, there will be an evaluation of the trot while free running.  In the case of previously uninspected mares (i.e., those doing both their studbook inspection and MPT), there will be an evaluation of conformation and correctness of gaits immediately following their free jumping.

  • Inspection of Rhineland and Non-Hanoverian mares, followed by walk ring and awards.

  • Mare Performance Test, under saddle portion, followed by awards.

  • Inspection of Hanoverian Mares, followed by walk ring and awards.

  • Futurity Classes

  • Foal Presentation

  • Branding, last activity of the day

Inspection Day Check List:

  • Has your horse been pre-enrolled with the AHS office?

  • Has the AHS Participant Info/Stabling Form been sent to the site host?

  • Do you have a copy of your stallion’s or mare’s registration papers with you?  DO NOT BRING ORIGINAL PAPERS TO THE INSPECTION SITE.

  • In the case of stallions, has Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital graded your stallion’s x-rays?

  • For non-Hanoverian/Rhineland warmblood mares, did you submit your mare’s registration papers to the AHS office for pedigree approval?

  • Has your foal’s completed and signed registration application and photos been sent directly to the AHS office?  Foal photos may be emailed directly to the AHS office. 

  • For weaned foals, has the foal been parent-verified thorough DNA (mane sample)?

  • Do you have your Coggins and/or Health Certificate with you?

  • Have you made arrangements with the site host for inspection services, such as braiding and handling?

  • For yearlings being branded, remember to bring some type of mild sedation you can give your horse 20 minutes prior to branding. Yearling horses will not be branded without sedation as we want to ensure a safe branding for both horse and brander.