Any non-Hanoverian mare that is approved in the Main Marebook of a registry specified in the “Eligible Registries” list may be permanently entered in the Rhineland Studbook without presentation, contingent upon approval of the mare’s pedigree, confirmation of recorded DNA, and receipt of a copy of the official Main Marebook inspection scoresheet.  

The fee schedule for recording in the ARS Main Studbook without inspection:

  • $60 Auto-Approval Fee

  • $60 UC-Davis DNA recording, if not already on file

  • $80 2021 AHS membership dues, if not already a member

Mares may also be presented to ARS/AHS judges in the traditional manner.  Please see the 2021 ARS/AHS Tour Enrollment pages for procedures/information.

Bonita Spring (Boston/Fidertanz) winner of the "von der Decken Schau 2015" in Verden

Don't delay!  Submit today! The auto-approval program ends on 12/31/2021