American Rhineland Studbook Offers Exciting Opportunities for Breeders and Owners in 2016

Lexington, KY; February 12, 2016 -- The American Hanoverian Society (“AHS”) has launched a new studbook in the United States, the American Rhineland Studbook. The American Rhineland Studbook (“ARS”) will be administered by the AHS as an entity separate and distinct from the Hanoverian Studbook.

For the 2016 breeding season, the AHS has announced that the new Rhineland Studbook will offer extremely attractive options for both breeders and owners, including reduced introductory fees and streamlined registration procedures.

For Owners of German-papered Rhineland Horses:

For 2016, owners of breeding or competition German-registered Rhineland horses are invited to record their horses with the AHS at no cost. Owners must be current active, regular, or associate members of the AHS. Imported horses issued registration papers by the German Rhineland Society (Rheinlander Verband) must be recorded into the American Hanoverian Society’s database in order to compete for year-end awards, be inspected to enter the breeding program, or have registered offspring.

For Mare Owners:

All Hanoverian and non-Hanoverian mares that have been accepted into the American Hanoverian Main Studbook are automatically accepted into the ARS Main Studbook. Hanoverian mare owners may take advantage of this additional studbook approval if they wish to choose a stallion that is approved for Rhineland breeding but not approved for Hanoverian breeding. To determine if the stallion you have chosen for your Hanoverian mare is on the Rhineland-approved list, please contact the Rhineland office directly. The resulting foals will be eligible for registration with the Rhineland Studbook.

  • Fee schedule: For foals of 2016, an introductory, reduced foreign sire fee of $75 will be assessed if the Rhineland-approved stallion is not activated with the ARS this year. Mare dues for 2015 & 2016, and foal registration fees still apply.

For 2016, any non-Hanoverian mare previously presented for inspection to the AHS that scored greater than an overall 6 (with no subset below 5), but less than an overall 7, may be permanently entered into the Rhineland Main Studbook without being re-presented.

  • Fee schedule for recording in the ARS Main Studbook: 1) 2016 AHS Active Membership dues, $80; and 2) 2016 mare dues, $40.

For 2016, any non-Hanoverian mare that is registered in the Main Marebook of a registry specified in the “Eligible Registries” list (included below) may be permanently entered in the Rhineland Studbook without presentation, contingent upon approval of the mare’s pedigree, confirmation of recorded DNA, and receipt of a copy of the official Main Marebook inspection scoresheet.

  • Fee schedule for recording mare in the ARS Main Studbook: 1) 2016 AHS membership dues, $80; and 2) 2016 mare dues, $40.

Non-Hanoverian mares recorded in the ARS Main Studbook may also register their 2016 foals with the ARS upon verification of the stallion’s eligibility with the ARS.

  • Fee schedule for recording mare in the ARS Main Studbook and registering a 2016 foal with the ARS: 1) 2016 AHS membership dues, $80; 2) 2015 mare dues (for foal conception year), at a reduced, introductory fee, $40 ; 3) 2016 mare dues (for foaling year), $40; 4) foal registration fee, $185. In addition, a discounted foreign sire fee of $75 will be assessed if the stallion is not activated with the AHS or the ARS for 2016.

Stallion Owners:

For 2016, all stallions approved by, and activated with, the American Hanoverian Studbook are automatically approved and activated for the Rhineland Studbook at no additional charge.

For 2016, non-Hanoverian and non-Rhineland stallions that have been licensed by a registry specified in the “Eligible Registries” list (included below), and have met certain pedigree, DNA and performance requirements, may be eligible to be entered into the Rhineland Studbook without additional inspection. In addition, stallions who meet the approval criteria are eligible for an introductory stallion activation fee, which permits the stallion to be listed on the ARS website and allows registration of 2016 foals without a foreign sire fee to the mare owner.

  • Fee schedule for activating a stallion on the 2016 ARS Stallion Roster: 1) 2016 AHS membership dues, $80; and 2) 2016 introductory, reduced stallion activation fee, $75.

Other warmblood mares and stallions may be eligible, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You may submit your mare or stallion for eligibility approval on-line. Visit the American Rhineland Studbook at, and click on “Studbook & Inspections” to obtain the on-line submission form.

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