Landmark for US Breeders: ARS to Approve Stallions  Based on Their Success as Show Hunters

Lexington, KY; July 1, 2016 -

In an historic development, the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) and the American Rhineland Studbook (ARS) now recognizes and approves stallions for breeding based on their success as show hunters.

Traditionally, stallions could receive breeding approval from the AHS via a performance test or performance in sport. Until now, the AHS and ARS would only recognize a stallion's competition record in dressage, show jumping or eventing. Now, stallions with success as show hunters may also receive full breeding approval. In order to be approved, the stallion must either: 1) place first, second or third in five USHJA International Hunter Derby competitions that offer prize money of $20,000 or more; or 2) at USEF "A" rated shows, finish as champion three times in any rated hunter division jumping 3'9", or above, where the division includes at least three over fences classes and six or more participants.

Beginning in the summer of 2015, a small group of breeders began putting together a proposal for approving stallions based on their success as show hunters. Because the ARS shares reciprocity with the Rhinelander & Hanoverian Verband on approved stallions, the Verband has to agree to any new stallion approval processes. "Our biggest challenge was convincing the Verband that stallions with this type of performance record have valuable qualities to contribute to the Hanoverian and Rhineland breeding programs," says Rick Toering, Vice President of the AHS. "After explaining the qualities necessary for top show hunters with videos of several prominent show hunters, including Mindful and Brunello, the Verband accepted our proposal. This is an important step forward for our breeders in the United States."

Later this month, the AHS/ARS plans to inspect a stallion that has already met these new performance requirements during the AHS Summer Inspection Tour at Hilltop Farm in Colora, MD. Please visit!2016-inspection-dates/q983q for a listing of upcoming ARS inspection tour sites.

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