Rhinelanders in the U.S.: Meet Rozalia

Photo by Tamera with a Camera

Rozalia (Rubignon x Prada/Paparazzo), a 2015 filly, bred and owned by Tamara Torti and Denise Cossuto. Rozalia, who was inspected at the Rainbow Equus Meadows inspection site in September 2015 and issued registration papers in early Spring 2016, holds the distinction of being the first American-registered Rhinelander. Tamara related that she was delighted when she learned through AHS President Edgar Schutte that the AHS was to launch the Rhineland Studbook in America. According to Tamara, “We are so happy with the AHS, and were thrilled to hear that the AHS was bringing the Rhineland Studbook to the U.S.”

Tamara describes her yearling filly as “Such a lady. Always sweet and ready to please you.” Tamara noted that the decision to breed Rozalia’s dam Prada (Paparazzo x Seigi) to the Rainbow Equus Meadows’ stallion Rubignon (Rubinstein I x Una Donna/Donnerhall) was based on two factors: First, the famous Rubinstein I temperament seemed to be the perfect complement for Prada’s “bit spicy” disposition; and second, in Tamara’s words, “we have had a bit of a crush on Rubignon!”

The breeding resulted in a beautiful filly with three good gaits and a personality that melts hearts. Tamara noted that Rozalia has her dam’s lovely canter and gallop, while Rubignon markedly improved the shoulder and range of motion at the trot. Rozalia is a joy to watch as she grows up! Tamara shared several photos of her lovely filly, including a Christmas version (featured in our holiday greetings Facebook and Twitter posts), which incorporated the ARS brand on Rozalia’s flank - a creative combination of both Rhineland and holiday spirit!

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