Rhinelanders in the U.S.: Meet Don Patronus

At the October 2016 AHS-ARS inspection, held at Hedgeland Equestrian Center, Waterford, VA, the American Rhineland Studbook welcomed a new colt into the registry, Don Patronus. The striking grey colt, owned and bred by Randi and Rick Joslyn, is by the Hanoverian stallion Don Hill (Don Gregory – Hill Hawk xx – Pik Bube II) standing at Hilltop Farm, Maryland, and out of the Joslyns’ premium Oldenburg mare, Rodanthe.

Rodanthe, or “Dani” as Randi affectionately calls her, is by another renowned Hilltop stallion, Riverman (Redfort – Landego – Calypso II), out of the mare Noontime Surprise xx (by Hullabaloojah xx), a Thoroughbred with winning racing lineage. Dani distinguished herself not only by earning the coveted “premium” designation with the Oldenburg registry, but also by being awarded the highest scoring filly at her Oldenburg inspection. The mare went on to fulfill her early promise by becoming a stellar broodmare, producing three premium fillies. In addition to her Oldenburg credentials, Dani has been approved into the main mare books of both the Holsteiner and Hanoverian registries. At her Hanoverian inspection, Dani was awarded an “8” for her trot; the judges took particular note of the mare’s fantastic hock action and that she had passed that quality on to the colt by her side, Don Patronus.

In planning the breeding that produced Don Patronus (nicknamed Mickey), Randi Joslyn took into consideration Dani’s impressive stature. As Randi describes Dani, “She is an enormous horse, 18 hands, but she has such good movement that she looks like she is floating.” Randi explained that Don Hill offered all the qualities she was looking for in a match for her mare: brilliant movement, kind disposition, and at 16 hands, a smaller build. In Randi’s words, “I was hoping to keep this colt under 17 hands!” She added that, in keeping with Don Hill’s lovely temperament, “Mickey is as sweet as you could hope for.”

Mickey’s registered name was chosen by Randi and Rick’s son, Ian, who picked “Patronus” from the Harry Potter books – and Randi has high hopes that her colt will grow up to be a wizard at dressage!

Randi has owned horses with several registries, including Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Danish Warmblood, and Holsteiner. In fact, Randi had three options available to her to register Mickey: Hanoverian, Oldenburg, or Rhineland. When asked why she chose to register Mickey with the ARS, Randi replied, “I think it’s exciting to have this new and upcoming registry in the U.S., and given that it is managed by the AHS, it’s going to be well run. I really look forward to helping this registry grow. Hopefully, Mickey will be a good ambassador for the ARS.”

The ARS has no doubt that the Joslyns’ lovely colt will indeed be a wonderful ambassador for Rhineland – thanks to Randi, Rick and Ian for the support!

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