Video Mare Inspection Now an Option

AHS Board Approves Video Inspection of Mares

Effective immediately, the AHS will offer mare owners the option of having their mares inspected for studbook approval via video submissions. Edgar Schutte, President of the AHS, states "The possibility of having mares inspected by video better serves our members living in areas with fewer inspection sites or inconvenient dates as well as recognizing the current difficulties imposed by COVID-19. This change dramatically increases the level of customer service that the AHS provides to its breeders.”

Mare owners will still have the option of having their mares inspected at a regular inspection site.

Breeders interested in video inspection of mares should note the following:

  • This new video option applies to both the Hanoverian and the Rhineland studbooks.

  • This new video option also applies to the inspection of non-Hanoverian mares seeking acceptance into the Hanoverian and/or Rhineland breeding program.

  • Because of the inherent limitations of video, mares inspected via video will only receive an overall score, sufficient to place them in one of the studbooks.

  • Individual component scores will not be awarded by the judges to mares inspected via video.

  • Once a mare has been inspected via video and placed in a studbook, her offspring will be able to be fully registered by the AHS

  • Mares inspected via video will not be eligible for Premium Mare Status, studbook upgrades, or for year-end mare awards.

  • Owners interested in Premium Mare status or studbook upgrades will eventually need to have their mares re-inspected at a regular inspection site, typically in combination with their mare performance test.

  • Specific video requirements are being developed and will be provided in the coming days.

  • Videos submitted that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

  • Current mare inspection fees will apply to video inspections.

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