Inspection Tour Adjustments/Inspection by Video


Inspection dates and locations continue to be a moving target as COVID information becomes available. The AHS truly appreciates the efforts our inspection site hosts make, especially this year with the added difficulty of COVID-adapted procedures to keep everyone safe.

Currently, there are six tour changes of note:

  • The inspection at Noelting Dressage Center in Vacaville, CA has changed to Sept. 15.

  • The inspection scheduled for Sep. 27, hosted by Conundrum Farm at Pennock Point in Reddick, FL has moved to Prosperity Farms in Williston, FL for the same date.

Based on various COVID concerns, these hosts have decided to cancel their inspections:

  • September 15 at Pollyrich Farms in Solvang, CA; September 16 at Azure Farms in Norco, CA

  • September 21 hosted by Marydell Farms at Tryon International Equestrian Center in Columbus, NC

  • October 8 at Bridlewood Farm & Dean Acres Sporthorses at Bridlewood Farm, Las Vegas, NV


For those of you who can’t get your mare to an inspection site, the AHS has you covered. Video inspections are now available for both Hanoverian and non-Hanoverian mares. It’s a simple 4-step process:

Step 1 – Watch a sample video for tips on making an inspection video of your mare:

Step 2 – Make a video of your mare

Step 3 – Sign up/pay on AHS website, scroll to “Add a Mare for Inspection and/or MPT” and choose “video inspection” on the next page. Fill out the rest of the form.

Step 4 – Within four business days, you will receive an email from the AHS office with a link to upload your video to the AHS YouTube Channel.

Your score will be sent via email shortly thereafter. For all the rules and guidelines, visit the AHS website at

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