FREE! Upcoming Webinar 5/27/21: The A - Z's of the Rhineland Studbook

MAY 27, 2021 - 1:00 PM, ET

FEATURING: Dr. Ludwig Christmann, Hannoveraner Verband

Please join our online community for an in-depth discussion of the Rhineland Studbook! The Rhineland studbook is the sister studbook to the Hanoverian studbook, and managed by the American Hanoverian Society. Dr. Ludwig Christmann of the Hannoveraner Verband will begin our discussion with a look at the history of the Rhineland Horse. He will also speak about the most important stallions that had the greatest influence of the breed. Lastly, he will talk about some exciting Rhineland horses competing today.

Our next speaker, Rick Toering of the AHS will highlight the advantages of the Rhineland Studbook and its place in America. He will also speak to the flexible registration options for studbook allows. And finally, we will hear from two breeders who use the Rhineland Studbook for its workable registration options and its convenience. Questions are always welcome!

Click here for the WebEx link to the webinar.

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