For 2018, non-Hanoverian and non-Rhineland stallions that have been licensed by a registry specified in the “Eligible Registries” list (included below), and have met certain pedigree, DNA and performance requirements, may be eligible to be entered into the Rhineland Studbook without additional inspection. In addition, stallions who meet the approval criteria are eligible for an introductory stallion activation fee, which permits the stallion to be listed on the ARS website and allows registration of 2017 foals without a foreign sire fee to the mare owner.

  • Fee schedule for activating a stallion on the 2018 ARS Stallion Roster: 1) 2018 AHS membership dues, $80; and 2) 2018 introductory, reduced stallion dues fee, $100 (includes 2018 activation and web-listing only)


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